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What is a Link Management System and How Can It Help You.


URLs are the stepping stones to digital networking. We jump from one digital domain to another through links and so do our prospects. Have you ever imagined how many links lead your prospects to your online business? Or how many business links do you build, visit or share in one day? Hundreds. For some businesses, probably even thousands. 

Emails, social media, PR, reports, external links, internal links- URLs are the formative blocks of the online world. It is therefore extremely crucial that you invest in an effective link management system that analyses and tracks the history of your links.


What is a Link Management System? 

If you’re probably hearing this buzzword being thrown around a lot, It’s because of its radical influence on your business communication and networking. 

But what is a Link Management System anyway? 

Managing links is a system of creating, customizing, tracking, and examining all the URLs your business shares externally or internally. 

We send and receive tons of links, every day. An efficient Link Management System understands the know-how of every link that you’ve ever come across in your business and provides you with actionable insights that you can utilize to power-boost your business connections.


How Can a Link Management System help YOU? 

Here are some benefits of a Link Management System that we whole-heartedly love-

Workflow efficiency

 A Link Management Software compiles all your links in one place. Here, you can know exactly when and from where your potential customers are interacting with your business’ media channels. 

This ultimately improves workflow efficiency as you don’t need to assign anyone the monotonous task of analyzing the awareness portals of your prospects. 

Link Management Systems have built-in tracking features that allow you to understand the demographics of the people who have clicked and surfed, clicked and bounced and clicked and shared your business URLs. 


Well-Planned Link Building Campaigns

A systematic link building campaign creates intelligent link building strategies that can skyrocket your business growth. 

Link building is a process in which you make other websites (preferably with a high domain authority) to include links of your landing pages in their content. For instance, if a website creates a blogpost on the best affordable link management services, and links Smally in their content, it will create a valuable opportunity for Smally to retain new prospects that are driving to its website through that blogpost.

Your content link building strategy can involve two types of linking- External linking and Internal linking.  

External linking refers to the technique of getting other people to link back to your landing pages in their content. 


Internal linking refers to the technique of you linking your landing pages to the content of your own website. 

Though external linking helps your business go leaps and bounds, internal linking, not so much. Yes, internal linking can help you optimize your content as well, but in the eyes of Google, it is not as powerful as external linking or backlinking is. 

Link building is an important business strategy that keeps your business booming. Not only it drives promising traffic to your website’s landing pages but also it makes sure that Google rewards your marketing efforts. 


An organized link building campaign brings authoritative links leading to your content and shows Google that your website is relevant, trustworthy, and has the expertise to solve user queries. 

Here are some powerful Link Building Statistics that you can go through to better understand what we mean:

url shortener - Smally Link

These were only a few out of the hundreds of facts that advocate the game-changing power of link building. But if you’re all pumped up to build your link building campaign, don’t go just yet. 

Creating a powerful Link Building strategy is not child’s play. It’s a tedious process of cold emailing, building credible content, nurturing relationships and going through critical feedbacks, every day. However, investing in a good link management software can cut short a lot of these troubles and save you a lot of time for things that are more important. 

Brand and Manage Various Domains

Business links are important. But, branded business links are more important. Link Management Software provides link shortening and link customization services that make your business more visible and discoverable. 

Lengthy business URLs are ugly and forgettable. And if you think that prospects not remembering your business URLs is not a big deal, you need to think again. Business URLs are literal addresses of your business. And potential customers not remembering these links is like not remembering your business altogether! 

Your every marketing effort should be a step towards keeping your brand at the forefront of your prospects’ heads. And being mindful of your business URLs is a sure-shot way of doing exactly that. 

People can remember branded links more than those Abracadabra random URLs. And customizing your business URLs doesn’t just enhance memorability but also trust and reliability of your brand. 

To illustrate, you wouldn’t know where https://ioqwiuYiwyiw12 might take you but you can be sure that https://smally.link/here-is-blog is going to take you to Smally’s blog page. 

This is exactly what happens with your prospects. So you need to be sure that you’re not giving them any excuse to bounce, or worse, not even click on your business’ URLs.

A link management system allows you to customize and manage as many links as you want. It also allows you to design multiple domain names according to your brand’s requirements. From a .contact for your “Contact Us” page to a .pricing for your “Subscription Plans” page. Anything and everything that you’d want. 

With a single click that will lead you to your link management software’s dashboard, you can create scores of customized short links and manage all of them with ease. Trust us, it’s as easy as A,B,C. 


Safety and Control

When the domain names of your links are customized, you basically get full control of your links. On the other hand, when you design a link with a third party domain, the control of your links is in the hand of the owner of that domain. Once created, you cannot manage or edit these links. If other people creating links through that domain share illegitimate content with that domain, your links might end up getting blacklisted. 

A simple solution to this problem is creating your own domain name through a link management system.


Track and Build Strategies

A link management system helps you understand the working of your links. It allows you to monitor history, track conversions and deep dive into the analytics of your links.

Here are some demographics that Smally helps you track:


Click-Through Rate or CTR is the ratio of the number of clicks on a link to the number of people who have viewed those links. CTR is an important metric as it gives you actionable insights into your customers’ interests. If you receive a low CTR that can be because you’re targeting the wrong audience or simply because your content is not compelling or convincing enough to make them click or complete your desired conversion goal. 


It’s important to know at which platforms your links are more popular. For instance, you might discover that your links or CTAs are clicked upon by iOS users more than android users. This might be because your links are more compatible with iOS than android operating systems. 

Devices and Browsers:

Smally’s Link Management System tracks not only platforms but also devices and preferred browsers of your potential customers. Through the insights gained from these metrics, you can build strategies to target your ideal audience in a more effective manner. For instance, if you discover that most of your users are using mobile devices, you need to make your business’ landing pages more quick-loading and mobile-compatible. 


As explained above, link building should be one of the most crucial parts of your marketing strategy. Backlinks or Referrers tell you about the brands who have linked back to your website or have mentioned your business links in their content. You can also check if your traffic is coming from authoritative and unique domains and how many times are these domains linking your business through what anchor words. The domains of these brands can be further funnelled out so that it’s clear which domains you need to target more in your link building strategy.

Countries, Cities & Languages

If your business has a global reach, gaining insights into the amount of traffic being generated by different countries and segmenting those countries accordingly is an important step. Even if your business doesn’t have a global reach, getting clear insights on languages and cities that your users are springing from is beneficial as it will directly affect your business’ content marketing strategies. 

Conversion Rates

You’re in a business to convert. Your end goal is to sell. Granted, gaining tons of monthly traffic is great but are you gaining conversions from it? Someone clicking on your “Buy Now” CTA doesn’t mean that they will actually end up buying your product. They might exit from your shopping cart page just before the final “Order now” button. To accurately measure your conversion rate, you need to implant conversion tags at the “Thank You for your Order” page. These conversion tags or pixels measure the number of conversions your users make so you never have to brainstorm it yourself. 


Smally’s Link Management software provides an easy-to-use platform to manage and control all your links at one place. It provides link shortening, link customizing, domain customizing, and link analysis services that allow you to investigate the rate and demographics of the users that are interacting with your business. 


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Posted at: Oct 07,2021

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