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Why Every Business Needs Branded Links?


In today’s fast-paced marketing industry, the role of branded links in brand building and management has dramatically increased. In this article, we’ll be discussing what branded links mean, why are branded links important and why every business needs branded links. 

People buy into emotions and stories that connect and resonate with them. Marketing is essentially storytelling and branding plays a huge role in determining that this requisite never goes untouched. Brand marketing plays a major role in determining what sells and what doesn’t so every marketer, business owner and influencer must have the formative know-hows of what is brand marketing and why is it so powerful.

What is Branding?

To clearly understand brand marketing, you must have some clear insights about what branding means. 

 “Branding is the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol in order to advertise its products and services.”    -The Cambridge Dictionary

If you, like The Cambridge Dictionary, believe that branding is only limited to the visual persona of a company, you need to seriously reconsider widening your understanding of what a brand is. 

The marketing landscape is dynamic, and though this definition deemed to be true and adequate years ago, it’s not anymore. Today, branding is not limited to a handful of graphical elements like a brand’s logo or its website colour.  Now, branding and brand marketing is so much more and they only seem to be growing. 

“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”— Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin, writer and advertising consultant, brilliantly sums it all up in a single dialogue. Branding is necessarily a way in which you can make your customers feel positively familiar with your brand. It is everything that you do which keeps your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. A method which gives you an edge over your competitors, making them choose your products and not theirs.

Consider this- after every launch, millions of people set out to buy the new versions of Apple’s iphones, even after criticizing the company for not providing any real value in its newer models. After creating endless lambasting memes, why do people resort to eventually buying Apple’s iconic iphones? 

The answer is pretty straightforward- Intelligent Branding. 

Through its iconic brand management, Apple does not merely sell products, it sells a lifestyle. And people unapologetically buy into this pipe dream of class because of the brand dominance that an iphone brings with it. 

What is Brand Marketing?

The strategies that companies create to achieve successful branding of their products or services is referred to brand marketing. 

The objective is one- to always keep your brand at a position of prominence so that it is easier to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. 

Once you’ve successfully created a roadmap of what your company’s personal branding is going to look and sound like, you need to distribute the message as effectively as possible to your target audience. Brand Marketing makes sure that your customers witness how your customers’ problems meet with that of your brand’s solutions. And how effectively you can make your brand fun, leaving your customers wanting more and more.

One of the most iconic examples of brand strategy is of Starbucks. 

Smally Link URL Shorter

A simple yet unique idea of writing names of the customers on their coffee cups has created a brand culture and company identity that almost everyone on the internet is aware of. Having one’s own name on one’s cup creates a sense of personalization and an overall unforgettable experience for the customers. This simple brand culture of Starbucks creates a distinct identity that just can’t be copied- You see a random coffee cup with a green lady and a name written on it- Yup, you know that’s Starbucks. 

“A person's name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” 

Dale Carnegie

Thousands of people click and post pictures of their coffee cups and create user-generated adversarial content for Starbucks, gifting them with tons of backlinks and skyrocketing their popularity to the stratosphere. The simple act of writing names on coffee cups and greeting customers with a “Have a nice day” builds an overall pleasant customer experience and revamps Starbucks as an iconic brand. 

So, to conclude, brand strategy is a majestically powerful tool that you must incorporate in your marketing efforts and branded links are perfect elements to assist you in your brand marketing strategies.

What are Branded Links? 

Before we begin talking about the importance of branded links, let’s first understand what branded links actually mean.

Every link has three foundational elements- A Protocol, a Domain name and a Path.  

A Protocol determines how data will be transferred from the server to the web browser.

A Domain name is a registered phrase used by the Domain Name System to define the location of your website.

A Path refers to the location (landing page, post or any other asset) where the URL is headed to take you.

Custom URL Shortener

For instance, in a generic Smally link – https://smally.link/Custom-URL-Aliases, https:// is the protocol, smally.link is the domain name and Custom URL Aliases is the path. 

In a branded link, however, the domain name changes from smally to your brand’s name or any other word that you would like. So, a branded link is like a customized link which is specifically tailored for your brand.


How can branded links help me?

Branded links can prove to be the powerhouses in your brand marketing strategies. However, even if you don’t have a defined brand strategy to work with yet, branded or customized links can still assist you to expand your business growth in the following ways- 

Branded links are more trustable

When you replace the domain name from smally to your brand’s name, your URL instantly becomes more trustable and reliable. Moreover, when you change the alphanumeric path to a phrase which exactly tells your customer where the URL is leading them, they can easily trust that the link will not take them to an illegitimate landing page. 

Branded links are more clickable

As branded links are more trusted, they get more clicks. When people see a brand’s name (even if they have not heard about it before), they tend to trust that the link will not be spam or have illegitimate content. Getting more clicks on your links allows you to get a lot of traffic to your pages and ultimately gives you an opportunity to convert those prospects into loyal customers. 

Increases brand visibility

When you brand your links with your unique domain name, or customizes its path, it boosts your brand’s visibility and awareness across all media channels that it is shared at- people not only trust your URLs but also remember them. One of the formative goals of customer acquisition is to successfully and effectively make your prospects engage with your business. Branded links hold the power to skyrocket user engagement- a type of influence which is just not possible with long or shortened generic links.

So you’re saying I shouldn’t use Generic links, at all?

Not at all! Shortened links have their own set of benefits. However, when it comes down to the question of which one is better between them, Branded or customized links are bound to bag the trophy. 

Smally allows you to shorten 10000 free links and allows you to customize the domain names of unlimited links! No matter what you choose best for your business, Smally links are completely safe, reliable and actionable.

Posted at: Oct 20,2021

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